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Application for Membership

Application for Membership

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Application for Membership

If by submitting this form an error occurs, read carefully what the error is about. You may have forgotten to fill in a field.

When you have correctly entered all the fields, you can submit the form. For example, if you upload an attachment, but forget another field and fill this field in later – the system will then forget the attachment. Please hold this in account.

"If you have not played football at a different sports club, you do not need to answer this question"

If the answer to the last question is YES, please enter your KNVB number here (if you remember this number)

Contact details

Write down you contact details in the form below.

If you are under the age of 18, you must have written consent from your parents or your guardian. They can add their contact details later in the form.

If you're a youth, fill in the number of your guardian.

A membership concerning people under the age of 18, needs to have a written agreement from their parent(s) or guardian. In writing through this form. Following the current ‘AVG’-law there is an obligation to check personal details, this is also explicitly mentioned in the new privacy law. As a club, we need to be able to prove that you have been granted this permission.

Do you prefer a team in particular?

If there are any extraordinary circumstances, you can mention them below. For example, you cannot drive towards an away game – in terms of having no car available or working on Saturdays.

To be able to let our sports club function properly, we would like to inform you about our club, activities, and relevant offers. Furthermore, we would like to share game schedules, game results, team and/or player photos and possibly videos on our website, Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram accounts. By signing this form, we ask for your permission to use your details for this cause. You can find more information on our privacy policy on our website.

By signing this form, I confirm my enrollment in our sports club FC Ommen. You also state that you have read the house rules and the rules of conduct, which you can find on the website, and will accomplish these rules.


The details in this application will be used in our membership documents for all sports club activities. The address data could be given to outsiders for sponsor activities, marketing- or advertising and research purposes.

By signing this document, you agree to share your details with the KNVB. You declare to be aware that the KNVB also uses your details for KNVB patrons and use for research activities.

Contribution via Sam& for all children or Youth fund Sports & Culture

When the contribution is being paid via Sam& for all children or via Youth fund Sports & Culture, answer then all the supplementary questions. This prevents that the contribution is automatically debited from your bank account.

All questions can be directed to our treasurer.

You authorize the sports club, FC Ommen, to quarterly cash in all due amounts of the following bank account:



If your contribution is paid for by Sam& for all children or Youth fund Sports & Culture? Read the clarification above and extra information on our website.


Information Youth fund

Contribution via a fund (Sam& for all children / Youth fund Sports & Culture)

Send prove of the contribution payment by the funds above as an attachment below. 


Kies bestandWijzigVerwijder

The expenses that are accounted for by the KNVB for conceived fines, that I have received as a member, for yellow and red cards will be passed on from FC Ommen to me.

If you are behind with paying your contribution and/or fines, FC Ommen has the right to call in a bailiff. The costs that will be made, are for my account. Late payment can also lead to a prohibition to train and play matches.

Would you also like to become a volunteer for our club?

Volunteers are indispensable for every sports club. Without the involvement of you as a member and/or your parents/guardians from a youth player, our sports club cannot exist. As a sports club, we must be there for our members, but it is just as important that we are there because of the members!

The principles of our volunteer policy are, that voluntary work is obligatory for all playing members from the age of sixteen and the parents/guardians of youth players up to the age of fifteen years (voluntary work is voluntary, but not bindingly).


Furthermore, our volunteers need to feel safe within our sports club, feel attracted to the club and appreciated for their work. We facilitate and support the volunteers.

By signing the application form, you sign that:

- Parents/guardians of youth players take care of doing the team’s laundry. A circulating system will be made by the trainer of the team. Senior members carry their responsibility for the laundry.
- Parents/guardians of youth players take care of transporting the team to away games. A circulating system will be made by the trainer of the team. Senior members carry their own responsibility for transport.
- Parents/guardians of youth players or senior members are willing to take charge of a task within the team or somewhere else in the sports club.

My preferences for voluntary work are … (please check off two options):

If a decision about your operability has been made, someone will contact you.

Cancelling your membership
You can cancel your membership at the end of the season before the 1st of June, with a four weeks’ notice. The cancellation needs to be (digitally) written and submitted to the member administration.

The membership can be ended immediately if there is no possibility to extend the membership.

The members of FC Ommen are through the KNVB insured for casualties and Wettelijke Aansprakelijkheid, which could be caused by club activities. By accepting this membership, it is automatically decided that the member, or lawful representative, will not be responsible for material or immaterial damage, what would not be compensated by insurance.

* = verplicht

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